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I’m an italian project manager, teacher, Adobe certified expert, pro-blogger and web designer freelance. I currently teach graphic design and web design in various international art schools (worldwide), including master's and specialization courses. Right now i am also one of the official designers of the Italian Ministry of Public Education. In the past, I have managed editorial web content for MSN and designed patterns for Guess handbags which have subsequently been distributed throughout the world. I was the italian territory manager of Pixmac too. I manage several website and the most famous is which garners nearly 7 million yearly unique visitors. My work has been referenced in books (e.g. The Web Designer's Idea Book: v.2), magazines (e.g. Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop, Web Designer Magazine, Campus, Millionaire, national newspapers and so on...) and important industry-related websites.
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Francesco Mugnai

\\ The Boss, Designer and Coder

The owner of this website. 30 years old, wen designer, teacher, ACE Adobe certified, italian, florentine, sagittarius, funny. I rock ;)
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Alexander Wells

\\ The "hands", Illustrator

Alexander is a freelance illustrator living in Brighton. His clients have included: Glenfiddich Whiskey, Wired Magazine, The Guardian, Mojo Magazine and The Financial Times.
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Alessandro Ferrini

\\ The "arm", Programmer

Alessandro is one of the greatest programmers i've ever met in my life. He's able to do amazing things. For this website he wrote an amazing jQuery plugin and...guess what? This FANTASTIC plugin is available in his site!
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Lorenzo "Logu" Guasti

\\ The "eye", Photographer

Lorenzo is a great photographer and a graphic designer. He really love to learn new things and increase his knowledge and he helped me to take some photos for the Alexander sketches
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